Legend That You Are
Recreate the story of your life

by Janet Pearson


You are a writer. Whether or not you have ever thought of yourself that way, every time you put a series of words together, you are creating a story. All life is story unfolding. Are you happy with your tale?

If I told you right now that there is absolutely nothing that can’t happen in your life, would you believe me? Can we even begin to fathom the idea of no limit?

But what most of us have forgotten is that we’re not writers who work alone. We are actually part of a huge writing team that exists on many different levels. Think of yourself as the director. Your job is the big vision. Then there are the writers who figure out how all the little details can work together to make things happen. They set up chance meetings and lucky breaks. They orchestrate it while you live it.

Your life is happening in real time. It’s not a book that’s already written. The future is always wide open with endless possibilities. There’s no reason that the past, for that matter, can’t be remembered in a different way, too. The more set in stone we consider life to be, the more set in stone it becomes.

Why live a life that is ordinary? You have the opportunity to make yourself into a legend.

You can be a character that lives an epic tale. As you put together words to create action, growth, feelings, relationships and magic, you are on the journey to find your inner hero. Your story will build as you meet challenges. There will be climaxes when you are filled with elation and denouements that bring wisdom and understanding.

So let’s begin a new way of looking at the world. Allow these words to move through you and unlock forgotten spaces. Be prepared to dream and to create. Open your heart to all possibility and enjoy the ride. Your unique and personal magnificence is waiting to be written.

opening ceremony

In the beginning there was you—pure light, pure potential. You chose to incarnate into a body that came with a whole story of its own—physical weaknesses and strengths, genetics from the parents, imprinting in the mother’s womb, perhaps a personality predetermined by time and space.

Next came a whole series of experiences through early childhood that shaped and formed you. Experiences of love and joy that gave you hope, experiences of pain and disappointment that may have left you wondering about the purpose and fairness of it all. You were taught how to behave in certain situations. You learned how to protect yourself. You mind is a computer that became programmed: if this happens then do that. Sometimes, like the computer stalling, you really didn’t know what to do next. But the Universe has a funny way of revealing information and guiding us in subtle ways, especially when we need it the most.

We end up becoming our stories, even holding onto them when they cause us pain because they are who we are. Our stories give us structure. They give us a way to look forward and back and place ourselves in reality. We identify with our stories to create an identity for ourselves. In a world where people try so desperately to fit in, we want our stories to be “normal”. We hide away all of our tales that make us into something society doesn’t want us to be—angry, hurtful, resentful, unforgiving… We tuck them so deep into different parts of our body that we can almost forget that they’re there. But they are there, and they are a part of us, and they want to be known and acknowledged.

When you are born, you enter into a world of all possibility. But as we see the same thing happen over and over again in our life, that vision of anything being possible can become more and more limited. In order to be able to recreate our lives, we have to be able to return to the belief that anything we can imagine can be made real. We must return to the state of pure, heart bliss where there is no doubt or misgivings. Starting with a clean, fresh slate, we become inspired to dream our reality into being.

Everything that you need to become what you want to be is already within you. More than learning how to do anything, we most often need to let go of the reasons why we believe that good things will never happen to us. Within the cells of our bodies are the memories that keep us locked into our predictable ways of thinking. Within the cells of our bodies is also the pure potential to make anything come true.

Perhaps one of the biggest fears we have is that if we let ourselves be pure, shining light that we won’t be able to handle it. We purposefully keep ourselves down so that we can feel safe in our mediocrity.

Every new journey begins with a first step. Finding the place inside of you where you can be without judgement is the first challenge. It is the place of the little child who really believes that magic is real. It is the place of the confident adult who knows that the world is her oyster. It is the place of the wise sage who knows that he has lived a life well spent.

When we can let go of the idea of being a mere product of our stories, we energetically open up the range of our selves. We become more in tune with our instinct, we are more guided by divine inspiration and we vibrate in communication with our Higher Self.

Developing the powers of your imagination is essential to being able to recreate your life. It has been your thoughts creating everything all along, anyways. Using your imagination to guide your thoughts in the direction you want to go is only a continuation of what you have already been doing.

The trick with using your imagination to bring new experiences into your life is to be able to imagine the details of an event but then let go of being attached to it happening exactly that way. What you are really going for is to be able to create the feeling of being there and the details are just a tool for that. Imagining the details with all of your senses—what the food tastes like, what colors you are wearing, how warm the sun is on your bare shoulders—this is what allows you to create the feeling of satisfaction in your body. Once you have felt satisfaction, then you are able to recreate it with more and more ease every time you try. Eventually you aren’t even trying any more because your life is just satisfying. The details of your visioning are just a means to an end. If you let go of the idea of life unfolding exactly how you’ve imagined it, then you leave space for the Universe to throw in some new twists and turns that will make it even better.

You can develop your imagination by practicing. Start by seeing yourself in a situation that you want to manifest. Really take the time to see what is around you and who else is there. Breathe in and feel what it feels like to be in your body in this situation. Where is the tension? What are the feelings that are holding you back? When you can start to identify the thoughts and feelings that keep you repeating the same patterns, then you have begun to draw the map of which beliefs you must let go of in order to be able to be free and creative.

We need to be able to start our new journey as a blank sheet of paper—pure and white, crisp and clean. Make a commitment to yourself to step through the door and cross the threshold into a new world where you are the master programmer, where you are the creative energy in charge. It takes a lot of listening to get to the place of a pure white sheet of paper. The voices that are in our heads, that have been keeping us safe our whole lives, don’t want to be erased. If we don’t even listen to them, they won’t be able to be removed. Start your journey by really listening to the voices in your head. Accept that they are not the voice of the real you. Even start to identify whose voices they are and at what moment they came into your head in the first place. Listen closely and see how the voices make you feel in your body.

Now hold in your heart the real you—the pure, white light part of you. Hold the wisdom that you are already everything that you need to be. Separate this white light part of you away from the voices. Really integrate into yourself the knowledge that they are not the same thing. You are not the voices in your head.

You have started your journey. You have returned to your innocence. You have returned to your ultimate power. The voices will not go away so easily—they will demand that you listen to them. But now you know, in your breath and in your body, that you are not them. You are so much more than that. You are pure, white light ready to embark on a new journey that will take you anywhere you can dream. You are inspiration welling up. You are intuition speaking clearly. You are the ultimate you ready to become manifest.

I was in acting class at University. Our assignment was to keep track of the judgemental voices in our heads for three days. We would end up with a list itemizing who said what. We were to ascertain who our top three judges were. Naturally, my mother was one of them. Then in class, using my trained imagination, I had to invite my mother into the acting studio and perform my prepared monologue for her. We each had a partner in this exercise to witness and watch over our emotional well-being. How difficult it was to just open up my mouth and speak, even though she wasn’t even actually there. But as I continued on, it became easier and easier to shine without judgement. That was the day that I really felt it in my body that I was not those negative voices in my head. I was the person acting in front of the voices in my head. I knew then that there was more to me than I had previously thought and that it was going to take some great investigation and releasing to really get to the bottom of who I truly am.

Copyright Janet Pearson 2012